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Coloured Quartz Anti-Slip...

Richco Coloured Quartz System is a decorative coloured anti-slip surface ideal for use in themed areas. It can also be used on a wide range of surfacing projects where an attractive decorative finish is required.

Richco Coloured Quartz System provides an attractive, hardwearing, low maintenance surface using a wide range of coloured quartz aggregates. Richco Coloured Quartz System is applied onto concrete, metal or sound wood substrates and can incorporate logos, patterns and designs in a variety of colours.

Richco Coloured Quartz Systems use a high strength resin, specially formulated for surfacing and binding applications. Richco also recommends the application of Richco Seal Coat upon the completed system. Richco Seal Coat enhances the system, making it harder wearing, totally bound and increasing its life expectancy.

Download Coloured Quartz Anti-Slip Colour Range Here.

quartz anti slip

Features: Ideal Usage:
• Anti-Slip • Themed areas
• Hardwearing & Durable • Driveways
• Pedestrian / Vehicular Use • Pathways
• Low Maintenance • Landscaped Areas
• Range of Coloured Aggregates • Swimming Pool Surrounds
• Fast Curing (within 2 hours)  
• Decorative / Aesthetically Pleasing