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Anti-Slip UVR Coating...

Richco Anti-Slip UVR Coatings are light stable, hard wearing, chemical resistant anti-slip coatings which are available in a range of colours. This system encapsulates anti-slip properties and is available in various degrees of coarseness depending on the slip resistance required.

Richco Anti-Slip UVR Coatings use a high strength resin system, specially formulated with the highest level of UV resistance and are therefore suitable for the application onto areas which are subject to high volumes of natural UV light or fluorescent light. This system is suitable for the application onto concrete or metal surfaces.

Richco Anti-Slip UVR Coatings provide a seamless, light stable finish and are ideal for the application in themed areas, retail outlets, canteens or areas where you do not wish the coating to deteriorate from its original colour caused through bleaching from natural UV light or florescent light.

Download Anti-Slip UVR Coatings Colour Range Here.

UVR coating

Features: Ideal Usage:
• UV Stable • Themed areas
• Hardwearing & Durable • Retail Outlets
• Chemical Resistant • Canteen / Kitchen Areas
• Heavy Duty Coating • Stadiums
• Wide Range of Colours Available • General Floors
• Available in various degrees of coarseness