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Epoxy Glitter Flooring Finish...

Richco Glitter Flooring is a decorative solvent free epoxy floor coating for application onto concrete or grano surfaces.  Richco Glitter Flooring is available in a range of base colours with a choice of glitter colours, to give a contrasting sparkle finish.

Richco Glitter Flooring offers an excellent hard-wearing decorative finish with the advantage of high wear and chemical resistant properties.  Richco Glitter Flooring is ideal for application in retail outlets, themed areas, nightclubs, arcade areas etc.

Richco Glitter Flooring can be specifically designed and installed for each particular project, thereby creating bespoke installations for individual customer needs.

Download Glitter System Colour Range Here.

glitter flooring

Features: Ideal Usage:
• Decorative / Aesthetically pleasing • Retail Outlets
• Hardwearing & Durable • Nightclubs
• Chemical Resistant • Themed Areas
• Low Maintenance • Banqueting Suites
• Good Abrasion Resistance • Arcade Areas
• A Range of Base Colours & Glitter Finishes