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Decking Strips GRP (Ideal for DIY)...

Richco Anti Slip Decking Strips are high performance safety decking profiles, made from high quality GRP (glass reinforced plastic).  They are ideal for use in high traffic walkways, decking areas, pontoons, ramps, access bridges etc. 

Wooden decking areas are notorious for becoming slippery when wet or with algae growth, Richco Decking Strips are an easy alternative for those slippery areas and can be installed for your own DIY projects.

Richco Decking Strips are also suitable for installation in any high trafficked areas where a quick anti-slip solution is required.

Richco Decking Strips are quick and easy to install and are available in a range of colours and sizes and are suitable for DIY installations if required.

Download Decking Strips Data Sheet Here.

Download Decking Strips Colour Range Here.

anti slip decking strip

Features: Ideal Usage:
• Anti-Slip • High Traffic Walkways
• Tough & Durable • Decking Areas
• Impact Resistant • Pontoons
• Corrosion Resistant • Ramps
• Lightweight • Access Bridges
• A Range of Colours Available  
• Easy to Install