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Flexible Roofing Membrane...

Richco offers a range of flexible roofing membrane systems (FRM), that is a liquid applied, flexible roofing membrane system, specifically developed for long-term protection of all types of roofing surfaces. They are formulated on a complex blend of resins to produce systems which offer outstanding weatherproofing and waterproofing properties with optimum levels of UV resistance, flexibility, adhesion and durability.

Richco roofing membranes provide a long lasting barrier to water penetration - providing a seamless finish with long-term protection. Richco FRM ranges are applied by brush, roller or spray and are easily moulded around up-stands, flashing and any awkward areas. Richco FRM range can also be used to re-line gutters and flashings for emergency and patch repairs to all types of roof surfaces.

Download Flexible Roofing Membrane Data Sheet Here.

Download Flexible Roofing Membrane Colour Range Here.

flexible roofing

Features: Ideal Usage:
• Impermeable • Flat Roofs
• Flexible • Gutters
• Excellent Adhesion • Flashings
• Fast Curing • Balconies
• Seamless • External Tanking
• Solar Reflective  
• Cold Liquid Applied (no heat guns or naked